Fruit kebabs

In maths, to further our understanding of weight we were set the task of creating a fruit kebab within the weight of 50/70g!! If the children were successful, they were lucky enough to eat the fruit as part as are healthy eating topic with Jigsaw Jack. For a challenge some children aimed to get 65g!! It certainly was a fruitastic lesson!!!

´╗┐Measuring using grams!

In year one, we have been exploring with grams! We were really impressed that 1kg=1000grams! Wow!

We had a go at holding different weights in our hands and then we used the scales to weigh some classroom and kitchen items!

We thought that we could look at some objects in our own kitchens and see what they weighed in grams!

The SS Great Britain

For this terms topic we’ve been looking at how to be a ship builder? 

Living in Bristol, we’re lucky to have such great history the SS Great Britain.

The children have had time to look at ship and to write down facts that they know about what makes a great ship like the SS Great Britain!