Snow Day work

Have a play in the snow, write about your experiences!

Don’t forget to use those tops tips for writing that we talk about in class.

You could practise your number bonds to 10 and 20.

See you on Monday!


This week in maths, we’ve had a focus on subtraction. The children have used base 10 to support their understanding of subtraction and has allowed them to be confident on subtraction!

Arrays are everywhere 

In maths we’ve been looking at arrays and how it helps us with multiplication. We used lego blocks to find all the different arrays within them. Arrays are so cool as they’re literally everywhere!! Can you spot any arrays around Bristol?

Woodpeckers ship building

Woodpeckers have had a very busy afternoon. Following a design lesson, today we made our ships! We had great fun deciding what junk modelling we could use. We also helped our friends to make their ships. I bet Brunel didn’t have this much fun making the SS Great Britain!!