In maths, we started to look at the different ways we can halve. We looked at it from both a shape point of view and how we can halve things in real life. The children really loved halving the pizza!! even though some wanted the whole pizza to themselves!! How greedy of them!!

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What sounds can you hear?

In topic, we’ve been looking at the way we can hear different sounds. We’ve learnt all about the way sound travels to our ears. We also looked at the different ways we can create different sounds depending on what is used to create the sound!!

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Creating a circuit

This week, we’ve been looking at creating an electrical circuit. We found out that from a battery we can light up a lightbulb. It was so much fun being investigators of science.

The child now understand that for a circuit to work, it cannot have any breaks within the circuit. If a break occurs, then the light bulb won’t light up. We look forward to exploring light and sound further!!!

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The Dark

In literacy, we’ve started a new book called ‘The Dark’. We’ve been looking at what it feels like to be in the dark and when does it normally occur. Below, we worked in groups to mind map all the ways of how we feel about being in the dark.

We came up with some great words such as petrified, terrified, horrified and scared!!!! However some of the children did say they are happy and relaxed when they are in the dark. I suppose we all sleep in the dark!!!!


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Base 10

Today, we started using base 10 to help with our understanding of place value. We picked out popcorn from popcorn pots (which had numbers on) and showed them using the base 10. We feel we have a great understanding now of place value!!